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Real Estate Online Marketing Strategy

What are the main ingredients of a real estate online marketing strategy?

Marketing is the heart and soul of any business. It not only embraces the face, voice and personality of the brand, but the narration of its past, present and future. It’s a central component to how brands connect with their audience, especially online — and it’s the forefront of how real estate investors conduct their business.

1. Website

The first step in developing a dominant online presence is creating a brand website. As a real estate investor, your website will serve as your kingdom come in the world of online marketing, as this is where customers come to access information, contact your services, and learn more about your offerings.

In essence, it will be the home of your brand and a dominant force in your online presence.

In addition, a real estate website will also serve as a lead generation funnel for investors.

2. SEO Content

Another aspect of a real estate online marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As one of the cornerstones to online marketing, SEO refers to the way in which online content is written to generate search results. The copy is optimized to send signals to search engines to show your article, and the keywords it’s comprised with, have the authority to rank in their index, with a goal to rank near the top of the search page. That said, the second step to a real estate online marketing strategy is creating SEO content.

3. Social Media

A real estate online marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without a social media presence. This final ingredient will serve as one–of the many–distribution outlets for your content. Done right, investors will see a wide array of appeal from various audiences, helping to redirect it back to their website. In essence, this will play a role in your real estate lead generation.

With roughly 3.4 billion active Internet users worldwide, and 2.3 billion with social media accounts, social media marketing is the real deal. That said, a real estate online marketing strategy should utilize one or more of the following social media sites:


While creating a real estate online marketing strategy entails a recipe of ingredients to be successful, the above mentioned components will help to assist investors in getting started. The benefits of implementing a quality online marketing strategy are remarkable, and investors should begin to see immediate results when done correctly.

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